‘The Red Sleeve’ Star Lee Se Young Took Off Her Hanbok And Showed Her ‘Sexiness’ In The Vogue Pictorials

Actress Lee Se Young showed off her sexy charm with a bold, revealing fashion.

Recently, the agency Prain TPC posted a number of photos of Lee Se Young through their official Instagram.

In the published photos, you can see Lee Se Young, who shows various charms with various styling.

In particular, Lee Se Young drew attention by showing off her glamorous body in a crop top with a deep deep chest.

His unchanging and beautiful visuals were also enough to attract attention.

Plain TPC side added, “Are you okay? Lee Se Young is a rabbit who doesn’t know how to be pretty. A pretty, cute, ‘King-Rang’ baby rabbit exists.”

Lee Se Young, who showed a sexy image different from her appearance in MBC’s ‘The Red Sleeve‘, receive great cheers and comments such as “Heart bombardment properly” and “Pretty, innocent, and sexy.”

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young took on the role of Sung Deok Im, a court lady in the recently ended ‘The Red Sleeves‘, and portrayed a mournful court romance with Lee Jun Ho, who plays the role of Lee San.

Lee Se Young was admired by many for her beautiful hanbok appearance.


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