Netizens Flood Park Solomon’s Instagram Account With Comments After Gaining Attention In “All of Us Are Dead”

The daily life of actor Romon (Park Solomon), who appeared in Netflix‘s “All of Us Are Dead”, is becoming a hot topic among fans.

On January 28th, the Netflix series “All of Us Are Dead” was released.

All of Us Are Dead” tells the story of students who are isolated in the school where the zombie virus started and are waiting for rescue, fighting hand in hand to survive.

While many teen stars such as Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, and Jo Yi Hyun appeared in the work, Romon got a hot response by playing the role of Lee Soo Hyeok, who has a charismatic and handsome appearance.

Romon, who showed off her sculptural beauty in the drama, is showing a similar feeling in his daily life.

On his Instagram, Romon is releasing several photos taken in his daily life, from the behind-the-scenes photos of “All of Us Are Dead“.

Even when all covered with a mask, his radiant appearance and unusual fashion sense surprised everyone at once. Also, thanks to his elongated stature, he digested any look in his own style.

Romon, who shows off his strong body and masculine visuals in every picture, made the hearts of women who enjoyed “All of Us Are Dead” flutter.

Some commented, “He looks like Minho from SHINee“, “I think Seven looks alike”, “Stop being so hot”, “YOU DONT HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY OF US ARE SIMPING OVER YOU RIGHT NOW!!!! 😍 UGHHH ANG PAPI MO 🥺💖“, etc.



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