Catdom Released The Daily Life Photos Of The Actress Who Played Nam Ra in ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

The Netflix Korean drama ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ swept the world charts right after its release, gaining explosive popularity.

Overseas fans’ interest in the actors who appeared in ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ has also surged thanks to their worldwide popularity.

On January 30, online media Catdom drew attention by sharing daily photos of Korean actor Cho Yi Hyun, who appeared in the drama ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘.

Actor Cho Yi Hyun, who is 24 years old this year, played the role of Nam Ra, who is the president of the entire school and the head of the class, in the zombie drama ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘.

In the drama, Nam Ra has long black hair and an innocent face, but she is the best student in the whole school, and she is a character who does not give up her studies at all times.

In addition, she has a straightforward personality and is a ‘cold beauty‘ character who doesn’t get along well with her friends, but in fact, she has the innocence of a high school student with a warm heart more than anyone else.

The media released several photos stating that Cho Yi Hyun, who played the role of Nam Ra, maintains a cold image in the drama, but boasts the opposite lovely charm in reality.

In the published photos, Cho Yi Hyun, with her unparalleled elegant charm, has nowhere to go, winks, or shows a playful appearance, making fans go crazy.

Meanwhile, Cho Yi Hyun debuted as a bad papa in 2018 and started acting. Since then, she has been showing off her acting skills regardless of genre, following ‘Hospital Playlist‘ and ‘School 2021’, and ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

Let’s see the lively daily life of Cho Yi Hyun, who became a world-class star through Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ right after his debut below.


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