7 Famous Celebrities Who Have The Weirdest Ideal Type “I like a man without a car or home”

The ideal type of these celebrities interests the fans the most.

Stars with strong personalities often have unique favorite ideal types.

Some of them even made fans embarrassed by confessing their unusual tastes that others might not like.

Let’s find out the ideal types of stars who have revealed their various tastes, such as “I find people with bipolar disorder attractive” and “I like people who can knock me down.”

Monica “I like a man without a car or home”

Monica, a choreographer who is gaining popularity through Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter‘, recently appeared on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View‘ and confessed her loneliness.

Then, she revealed his unusual ideal type and caught the eye.

Monica said, “My ideal type is a man who doesn’t own a car‘.

Jang Ki Ha “A strong woman who is about to knock me down”

The ideal type is as unique as the singer Janggiha song.

In the past, he appeared on SBS ‘Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy‘ and said, “I like a woman with a clear color and charisma. I like a woman who is about to knock me down. When a woman gives me energy, I feel the tension when she gives me energy. I like this. Then, I prefer a style like that, where I’ll try and get scolded.

Jang Ki Ha said about her favorite female image in JTBC’s ‘Witch Hunt’,I have sensuality, but I shouldn’t show it off and I shouldn’t emphasize sexiness.

Seo Yu Ri “I don’t like it if my salary is lower than mine, but if my game rank is lower”

The ideal type of voice actress Seo Yu Ri, who married Choi Byung Gil in August 2019, is also unique and is constantly being talked about.

As a hobby of gaming, she valued his boyfriend’s game skills.

She appeared on KBS2’s ‘Hello, People’s Talk Show’ and confessed his ideal type, saying, “Even if your salary is lower than mine, you won’t meet if you’re of a lower game level.”

Lee Joon “Kindergarten teacher riding a motorcycle at night”

Lee Joon, who is famous for his ‘four-dimensional’ personality, likes women with anti-war charms.

He appeared on MBC ‘Sunday Night – Men’s Heart’ and revealed his ideal type, saying, “I like a kindergarten teacher. I like young children, but I like a girl who changes at night. I like a kindergarten teacher who can ride a motorcycle at night.”

In response to Lee Joon‘s honest confession, Chunji of Teen Top, who was next to him, confessed his unusual ideal type by saying, “I saw faces when I was young, but these days, I like women who treat me like that.”

Kim Rae Won “The woman who passed the ‘quince test’ I conducted”

Actor Kim Rae Won tends to focus on the inside.

On SBS ‘Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy‘, he said that he didn’t like women who asked for a bag, saying he had a clear taste.

Kim Rae Won continued, “(To my girlfriend) I did a quince test. I wrap pretty quince and give them in a bag. Then, honestly, the expression on their face shows the people they’ll throw away when they get home and the people they cherish. I think there were a lot of them,” he said,

I like a good woman who appreciates gifts that she doesn’t like.‘ he continued

Jun Jin “I like a woman with a bit of bipolar disorder”

Shinhwa Junjin is happily married to flight attendant Ryu Yiseo.

The unique ideal type revealed by Shinhwa’s Junjin when he was single became a hot topic.

On JTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcasting’, Junjin embarrassed many people by revealing, “I like a woman who is lively and cheerful in front of others, but is quiet in front of me and has a bipolar disorder.

Joo Won “I like a woman with a chubby belly”

Actor Joo Won has mentioned several times that a chubby person is better than a skinny, slender woman.

Joo Won appeared on KBS2’s ‘Happy Together’ and drew attention by saying, “My ideal type is a woman with a pretty back and a belly.”

In fact, Joo Won caused laughter by confessing that some of his girlfriends gained 8kg while dating him.

He said he likes to touch stomachs, so he sometimes grabs the belly fat of his mother washing the dishes at home.


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