3 Characters In “All of Us Are Dead” Netizens Wish Had More Backbone

There are three characters who say that ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ doesn’t take up a lot of weight and only calls out the anger of the viewers.

On January 28, the Netflix original drama ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ was released. Even on the second day of its release, the work continues to be popular, maintaining the top spot in the Netflix TV program category.

All Of Us Are Dead‘ tells the story of those isolated in a high school where a zombie virus has spread and those who try to save them, going through an extreme situation where they can’t figure out what’s ahead.

The surviving students hold each other’s hands until the end and promise to survive together. Onjo’s father (Jeon Bae Soo) was desperately trying to save his daughter, and Song Jae Ik (Lee Kyu Hyung), a detective who uncovers the truth about the virus, exists outside the school, where the hope is to save the students.

Although he appears as a ‘villain‘ in the drama, Gwi Nam (played by Yoo In Soo) also plays a high role in the overall story and threatens the surviving children as much as a horde of zombies.

However, among these, there are characters that arouse viewers’ doubts with the unfortunate setting.

First, it is the awakening of Eun Ji (Oh ​​Hye Soo), a victim of school violence.

Despite being bitten by a zombie, Eunji does not become a complete zombie because she is a carrier (a person who has immunity to zombies). After becoming ‘desperate‘ (half-human, half-zombie), it does not affect the story much but continues to threaten the surviving children without knowing it, giving them frustration.

Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young)’s mother also went to a school full of zombies, unprotected, and made viewers frustrated.

Also, BJ’s ‘Tangerine Peeling’, which went to the first outbreak area to take pictures of zombies and gave a subscription and likes, also provoked frustration and anger among viewers.

Some viewers who saw the work responded, “There were a lot of characters who made me eat sweet potatoes, even though it wasn’t an important role.”

Meanwhile, ‘‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ is based on the webtoon of the same name by Joo Seong Geun. Writer Cheon Seong Il is in charge of the screenplay, and Lee Jae Gyu and Kim Nam Soo are directing it.


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