Seung Ri Ha Reveals Behind The Scenes Footage Of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

Actress Seung Ri Ha revealed her appearance while filming the Netflix original ‘All Of Us Are Dead’.

On January 30, Seung Ri Ha posted a picture on her Instagram along with the words “#Now our school is #allofusaredead“.

In the published photo, actors Yang Han Yeol, Lee Eun Sam, Ha Seung Ri, and Jin Ho Eun were included. This is a picture taken at the filming location of the Netflix original ‘All Of Us Are Dead’. The four of them boasted a friendly atmosphere with their shoulders clasped, giving warmth.

Netizens who saw this left a variety of comments, such as “I really liked the combination of these four people”, “Someone told me that it was a baby in ‘Youth Trap‘”, “It’s so good to reveal this behind the scenes“.

All Of Us Are Dead‘, which was released on Netflix on the 28th, is a work based on a popular webtoon of the same name published by Joo Dong Geun in 2009. It tells the story of students isolated in a school where a zombie virus has begun to spread, fighting hand in hand to survive.

Seung Ri Ha made her debut as a child actress in the 1999 SBS drama ‘Youth Trap‘. At that time, she played the daughters of actors Shim Eun Ha and Lee Jong Won, receiving national love. 

In her 24th year since her debut, she showed a new image through ”All Of Us Are Dead‘. In the drama, she took on the role of Jang Ha Ri, a member of the archery club, and challenged her first action acting. She was praised for her realistic portrayal of an older sister trying to save his younger brother.


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