Netizens Reacts To “All of Us Are Dead” New Way Of Confessing To Someone You Like

Netflix‘s “All of Us Are Dead” revealed a new way of confessing to someone you like, drawing the attention of viewers.

In Netflix‘s “All of Us Are Dead“, which was released on January 28th, there was a scene where Nam On Jo (Park Ji Hoo) gave her heart to Lee Soo Hyuk (Romon).

On the school stairs, Nam On Jo took something out of her pocket and handed it to Lee Soo Hyuk.

Lee Soo Hyuk asked, “What is it?” with a bewildered expression, and received the item. What Nam On Jo gave to Lee Soo Hyeok was her nameplate.

When Lee Soo Hyuk, embarrassed, said, “This means we’re dating,Nam On Jo said that she confessed.

Viewers who saw the scene expressed bewilderment at the first nameplate confession method.

The confession gains a lot of attention among students when they saw Nam On Jo, who expressed her feelings to the person she likes, such as “I was surprised to see it that way“, “Is this how you date now?“, “I’m a senior in high school and I’m hearing this for the first time“.

Some said that these days, there are many schools that do not have name tags on their uniforms, and they said that it is a confession method that cannot be done now.

One netizen expressed embarrassment, saying that if you shared your nameplate with your friends when you graduated, you would have unintentionally confessed your feelings.

Also, there were those who argued that the way of confessing the first time in my life seemed to be a worldview that was only found in webtoons.

They said that it was a story that would appear in an Internet novel, and that it would only happen in a virtual world.

However, some people were surprised by the appearance of people who actually did it, such as “We exchanged name tags when we were dating“, “I have seen cases where they wore name tags while dating”, “I confessed like that 5 years ago“, etc.



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