Fans Were Delighted To See Gong Myung In A Military Uniform

Fans were happy when a photo of Gong Myung‘s dignified military uniform, who enlisted last month, was released.

On January 28, Gong Myung who is wearing a military uniform was uploaded to the Instagram account of Saram Entertainment, the agency where he belongs.

This is one of the scenes that was filmed when he appeared in Kyuhyun’s music video before enlistment, not Gong Myung‘s current appearance while serving in the military.

In the photo, Gong Myung is wearing a military uniform and showing off his manly appearance. 

He looked at the paper and showed off his perfect side. He showcased his broad shoulders and his warm face, perfectly carrying off the military uniform.

Gong Myung‘s reversal charm, which was like an ‘innocent’, caught many fans’ attention.

Unfortunately, Gong Myung‘s actual military service photos have not yet been released.

On the other hand, Kyuhyun’s album ‘Love Story‘, which shows Gong Myung in military uniform, was released on the 28th.

The music video for ‘Love Story‘ and photos from the shooting site, which was released today, soothed the hearts of many fans.

Watch the music video here:


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