“Our Beloved Summer” Park Jin Joo Reveals She Was Worried About Getting Close To Kim Da Mi

Our Beloved SummerPark Jin Joo shared her feelings about working with Kim Da Mi.

Recently, Park Jin Joo conducted a final interview with iMBC Entertainment and SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Our Beloved Summer“. “Our Beloved Summer” is a comedy romance drama following the story of young people’s first love, which is unfolding when they are forcibly summoned back

In “Our Beloved Summer“, Park Jin Joo plays Lee Sol, the only friend of Kuk Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi) and the owner of a bar who was a writer. She played the role of licorice that solves worries with cool and pleasant talks to Kuk Yeon Soo, who is confused in her relationship with Choi Woong (Choi Woo Shik).

In this regard, Park Jin Joo said that she was worried about getting close to Kim Da Mi. “We’re both very quiet,” she said. “I am very shy. I thought we should get close quickly, so I agonized a lot during the first shooting. (According to the character settings) Kim Da Mi and I have to be in the most comfortable range.

But those worries were in vain. Park Jin Joo said, “As soon as we exchanged lines, (breathing) we matched so well.”

At the same time, Park Jin Joo, who did not spare praise for Kim Da Mi. he said, “Kim Da Mi is good at her serious roles, but she is a sponge-like actress who can flexibly accept all of her ad-lib and pranks no matter what she plays. I just wanted to be like that.”

Park Jin Joo picked Kim Seong Cheol, who played the role of Kim Ji Woong, as another memorable actor. She said, “(Kim Seong Cheol) did a great job as a mood maker at the filming site. There are a lot of jokes and a lot of talent. He has a lot of consideration.

Park Jin Joo said that the filming location of “Our Beloved Summer” was happiness itself when there were many actors of the same age. “There were a lot of seniors in other works,” she said. “I was the eldest this time. I thought, ‘I need to be well-centered.’ But everyone led each other well. I can’t tell if it’s real or not,” she laughed.

Park Jin Joo’s licorice smoke shone in “Our Beloved Summer” ended with episode 16 on January 25.


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