“Song Jia’s Father has nothing to do with our establishment” An Entertainment Business In Busan Denies The Rumors Being Related To Song Jia’s Father

While rumors are pouring in that the father of beauty YouTuber Free Zia is the president of an entertainment establishment, a business in Busan refutes it.

On January 27, the entertainment company that was suspected of being related to Free Zia‘s father made a statement through its website.

Person A, who said that he was working at the entertainment establishment, said, “From three days ago, the number of visitors suddenly increased exponentially and the server went down.”

Person A said that there were rumors circulating in the entertainment establishment where he was working that Free Zia’s father was the sales manager. 

In addition, Person A said that he had never seen Free Zia’s father while working in a room salon for about 20 years.

Person A emphasized once again that it has nothing to do with Free Zia‘s father and the entertainment establishment where he works.

He even revealed his phone number, saying that people can contact him at any time if people want to check the truth.

On January 23, on the YouTube channel ‘Entertainment Manager’, Kim Yong Ho, a former entertainment reporter, said that Free Zia‘s father was not a dentist.

Recently, suspicions have been raised on YouTube and online communities that Free Zia‘s father is the president of an entertainment establishment. 

A number of posts claiming that Free Zia‘s father played a role in managing female employees at an entertainment establishment in Busan have been controversial. 

When suspicions surfaced that Free Zia‘s father was the head of a room salon in Haeundae, on January 26th, Hyowon CNC, the agency of Free Zia, said through various media, “We have nothing to say (about the matter).”

Meanwhile, Free Zia is currently on hiatus after acknowledging the controversy over wearing fake luxury goods.


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