The Standard Of ‘Male Genital’ Size Is ‘Large’ According To A Urologist

For men, the size of the penis is a very sensitive topic.

This is because there is a perception that a large penis can satisfy the partner during sex.

If so, how big can the penis be recognized as big? In this regard, an incumbent urologist expressed his candid thoughts.

On January 26, on the YouTube channel ‘Boda‘, a video titled “Even urologists are envious” was uploaded.

Today, Hongseong, a urologist, was asked, ‘Please tell me the standard for big things?.’

It’s absolutely not accurate,” he said.

It’s thick enough that you can’t grab it with your thumb and middle finger.”, He added

If you meet this standard, it is equivalent to a Harvard half-price scholarship.”, he continued

However, Doctor Hong insisted, “There can be some downsides to a man’s penis being too big.”

“It can be difficult to wear thin clothes or sportswear in the summer.”, he added

Netizens who saw this have reactions such as “It’s official”, “If it’s not like this, don’t brag“, “You have to be at that level to be big.


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