‘The Red Sleeve’ Actress Lee Se Young Revealed That She Increased Her Weight To Properly Portray  Seong Deok Im In Her 30s

In the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star‘, which aired on January 26, the main casts of the popular drama ‘The Red Sleeve’, Junho, Lee Se Young, Jang Hye Jin, Oh Dae Hwan, Kang Hoon, and Lee Min Ji appeared.

Today, Lee Se Young announced that she gained weight to highlight the difference in acting from the age of 18 to her 20s, and her 30s.

Lee Se Young played the female lead Seong Deok Im in ‘The Red Sleeve‘, portraying the image of a concubine in her 30s, from the time she thought she was 18 when she was nine in her 20s.

Lee Se Young first lightly increased 3 kg. However, she quickly lost weight and returned to normal by running around while filming in hot weather.

Lee Se Young, who thought that as a Ui-bin, she had to show a dignified appearance, tried to increase the fat on her face.

She did her best to gain weight by eating two slices of cheesecake a day, following the advice she received from his co-star, Junho.

Next, Lee Se Young announced that she gained 8 kg by eating high-calorie foods, such as eating bread fried in oil with sugar, jam, butter, and mayonnaise in the rice car.

In the drama, compared to when she thought she was 18, when she became Ui-bin, she gained more weight on her face, revealing a different visual.

After the broadcast, it became known that Lee Se Young thought and worked a lot for the role, viewers of ‘The Red Sleeve‘ gave applause. 

Meanwhile, MBC’s ‘The Red Sleeve‘ became a topical drama as Junho and Lee Se Young‘s fantastic collaboration gradually spread word of mouth.

The Red Sleeve‘, which was gradually increasing in viewer ratings, recorded 17.4% in the final episode.


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