“Song Jia, left with money until the end” A bitterly Suspicious Article Rapidly Spreading

YouTuber Free Zia (Song Jia) apologized for all kinds of controversies, including fake luxury goods, and announced a halt to her activities.

However, the controversy surrounding Free Zia is still not going away. In the end, there is a lot of gossip about the timing of Free Zia‘s apology and announcement to suspend her activities. 

On January 25th, Free Zia uploaded a video titled ‘I am Song Jia‘ on her YouTube channel.

In the video, Free Zia said, “Even though I should have been more careful as someone who runs YouTube, I used fakes to undermine the brand’s value and disappointed many people who believed in me. I turned all my channels private and reflected on it. I will make sure that I have time to reflect again and again, and I will hold myself accountable for my mistakes until the end.”

At that time, Free Zia gave up her trademark gorgeous full makeup and appeared in front of the camera with a face close to her bare face. She was wearing only light basic makeup.

On January 25th, Free Zia apologized for her controversy and announced that her activities had been suspended.

In the midst of this, there is another controversy over the timing of Free Zia‘s apology and announcement of suspension of activities. Some even pointed out whether Free Zia‘s apology was sincere. 

In a report on January 26th, Xports News raised suspicions that the timing of Free Zia‘s apology and suspension of activities may coincide with the timing of YouTube earnings settlement. In a word, it meant that she left with her ‘money‘ until the end. 

In relation to this, Xports News reported, “The controversy did not subside despite Song Jia’s suspension of activities and apology. In particular, suspicions arose that Song Jia did not stop her activities until after she received the proceeds from YouTube.” 

They added, “YouTube pays ad revenue on the 21st of every month. In January, it is known that the proceeds were settled on the 24th. In some cases, videos that have been converted to private cannot generate revenue, so Song Jia ceases activities after receiving payment, and I guessed that the video was made private.”

The Segye Ilbo also raised the same suspicion in the report on the same day.

The Segye Ilbo said, “Most netizens pointed out that Song Jia delayed the time to receive the YouTube payment, but immediately switched to private and uploaded an apology video. YouTube pays advertising income on the 21st of every month. ” they pointed out.

They added, “In addition, since the video converted to private cannot generate revenue, netizens have speculated that the video was maintained until the point of payment of Song Jia, but was later converted to private when the profit came. It is estimated that it is more than 300 million won. Netizens are not hiding their doubts about the sincerity of the apology.”

The contents of the articles in the Xports News and the Segye Ilbo attracted the attention of netizens and spread rapidly in major communities on January 26th.

Meanwhile, the number of views of Free Zia‘s apology video uploaded on January 25th is a whopping 3.35 million views.



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