Lee Jun Ho Recalls His Explosive ‘The Red Sleeve’ Bath Scene Says “I wanted to you show more of the body I made in one year”

Lee Jun Ho, who visited ‘Radio Star‘ to keep his ratings promise, will release behind-the-scenes of ‘The Red Sleeve’. In particular, Lee Jun Ho recalls the explosive bath scene and said, “I wanted to show more of the body I made in one year.”

MBC‘s “Radio Star“, which will air at 10:30 p.m. on the 26th, will feature “Let’s go to our palace” with Lee Jun Ho, Lee Se Young, Jang Hye Jin, Oh Dae Hwan, Kang Hoon, and Lee Min Ji.

Lee Jun Ho perfectly digested the role of Lee San in ‘The Red Sleeve‘, collecting topics every day with his passionate romance and outstanding acting skills. In particular, ‘Radio Star‘ draws attention by telling the honest review of the bath scene, which garnered a warm response from viewers by revealing his perfect abs. Lee Jun Ho surprises with the no-filter confession, “I built my body for a year. I actually wanted to show more.”

In addition, Lee Jun Ho draws attention by revealing that the original script did not contain the ambassador for the broadcast, “Today we will sleep holding hands,” which heated up social networking services (SNS). Next, Lee Jun Ho tells the behind-the-scenes of the kissing scene of the passionate couple Lee San and Deok Im. In particular, he said, “Before filming, I did ‘this‘!” and drew everyone’s attention.

In the ‘deokim memorabilia cleaning scene‘, which exploded viewers’ tears in the last episode of ‘The Red Sleeve‘, Lee Jun Ho made a surprise confession, “I was filming without rehearsal on purpose.” I was so excited,” he is expected to arouse admiration by telling the story.

On this day, “Radio Star” will give a glimpse of Lee Joon Ho‘s passion for acting, who sincerely played a part in “The Red Sleeve“. In particular, Lee Joon Ho revealed the secret story of Lee Deok Hwa, who played Yeongjo, and the one-body story that formed tension, which impressed the MCs. On top of that, Lee Duk Hwa is expected to send a surprise video letter to six main players of “The Red Sleeve” who visited “Radio Star” to convey his impression.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon Ho draws attention with a shocking confession that he “Kissed Nam Goong Min on the cheek” about Lee Se Young, who won the “Best Couple Award” together at the MBC Acting Awards. In particular, Lee Joon Ho is raising expectations by revealing the secret phone conversation with Nam Goong Min, who is a viewer of “The Red Sleeve“.

You can check out the honest review of the bath scene of ‘The Red Sleeve‘ by Lee Jun Ho through ‘Radio Star‘, which will air at 10:30 p.m. on the same day.



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