‘The Red Sleeve’ Actress Lee Se Young Talks About The Friendship She Formed With Lee Joon Ho In Latest Pictorial With AtStyle

‘The Red SleeveLee Se Young took a photo shoot for the February issue of AtStyle.

Lee Se Young took off her historical drama costume and transformed into a chic urban woman at the scene with AtStyle, showing off her anti-war charm.

Lee Se Young, who received a lot of love for MBC‘s ‘The Red Sleeve‘. When asked if she got out of the character in the work, she expressed her love for the drama by saying, “I still feel sad and tearful as the ending (of the drama) comes to mind because people around me talked a lot about the drama.

Then, about the chemistry with Lee Jun Ho, who was different, she said, “(Lee) Jun Ho and I had the same goal to show a fantastic chemistry.

Lee Se Young, who showed the playfulness of “Sandeok Couple” to the fullest with Lee Joon Ho in the behind-the-scenes video, said, “While I was on standby, I put up a tension by playing pranks that follow the actual scenes of the drama,” and added, “When he was kissing my forehead, Jun Ho’s lips kept touching the top of my head, and he joked, “I feel faint when I kiss there.” It was a scene full of laughter.

In particular, when asked how actor Lee Jun Ho was like as a partner, she shared, “He was already a complete actor” and “I had no doubts that he would do well from the beginning, and the synergy was doubled as we became close friends without fault.”

As she debuted at the age of five and has consistently shown acting for 25 years, was there no slump for actress Lee Se Young? Lee Se Young said, “There were moments when I felt like I was in darkness around 2015, but I was trying to move forward. At this time, I think I got closer to acting.



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