Song Jia Deletes All Her Posts On Instagram After YouTube Apology Says “I will take time to regret and reflect”

It seems that YouTuber Free Zia, who was caught up in controversy over wearing fakes, deleted all Instagram posts except for an apology.

On January 25th, there is only one post of apology that can be found on Free Zia‘s Instagram.

Free Zia, who had only removed posts related to wearing fakes, seems to have deleted all posts except for an apology as the controversy grew.

Even on her YouTube channel ‘Free Zia‘, you can’t find any posts except for the apology video posted that day.

In an apology video, Free Zia said, “I admit to the use of counterfeit products, which has been controversial recently, and I admit that everything is my fault. As a YouTuber, I had to be careful and careful in all my actions, but there are many people who undermine the value of the brand and support me. I apologize for disappointing people.

Regarding the reason for purchasing the fake, she said, “At first, I just bought it because it was so pretty“.

Free Zia, who feels pathetic when she thinks of her past self, said, “Looking back, when many people loved me, they should have looked back and strengthened their inner self. I am reflecting,” she said.

In addition, Free Zia asked her to refrain from accusing her family because it was all her fault.

Free Zia, who also apologized to YouTube subscribers, said, “I will make all the channels I run private and take time to regret and reflect. I will take responsibility for my mistakes until the end. I’m sorry.”



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