“Single’s Inferno” Ahn Ye Won’s Older Brother Shocks Netizens For His Ripped, Well-Built Body

Ahn Ye Won, who made her face in “Single’s Inferno“, showed affectionate moments with her older brother.

Recently, Ahn Ye Won uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled ‘Isn’t there anyone who can follow us?

In the video, Ahn Ye Won is accompanying him to the studio to help her brother take a body profile picture.

Ahn Ye Won burned her passion to do her brother’s makeup by hand before filming. 

However, Ahn Ye Won became angry with her brother who kept burping. She said, “Her brother burped and almost vomited.”

Afterwards, Ahn Ye Won showed the delicacy of applying oil so that her brother’s muscular body could be better captured on camera.

In the case of normal siblings, no matter how public they are, they don’t like touching each other, but they were different.

Ahn Ye Won carefully applied the oil to every corner of his brother’s body, and she did not show any dislike. 

Netizens who saw the video showed reactions such as “It’s possible to do that between siblings” and “It’s good to see a good relationship.

Meanwhile, Ahn Ye Won appeared on Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno” and gained great popularity for her lovely smile and easygoing and bright personality.

She opened a YouTube channel after the broadcast, and as of 4 pm on the 25th, she has already reached 189,000 subscribers.



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