Netizens Thought That Lee Ji Hoon Will Get The Lead Role For ‘Sponsor’ “Isn’t Lee Ji Hoon The Male Lead?”

Actor Koo Ja Sung was originally selected as the 2nd role in the lineup for the lead role in the drama while Lee Ji Hoon, was known as the male lead in ‘Sponsor‘.

On January 24, IHQ’s ‘Sponsor‘ production company Victory Contents official Instagram posted a promotional photo containing the drama ‘Sponsor‘ lineup.

In the released photo, Han Chae Young as Chae Rin and Koo Ja Sung as Seung Hoon are included.

Instead of Lee Ji Hoon, who was originally selected for the male lead role, Koo Ja Sung, who took on the role of Seung Hoon, was seated next to Han Chae Young, gaining attention.

As of 10 am on January 25, Lee Ji Hoon‘s name was placed in the third role after Han Chae Young and Koo Ja Sung in the lineup for ‘Sponsor’ on Naver Portal.

To this, the fans poured out reactions such as “Isn’t Lee Ji-hoon the male lead?” and “It seems to be the aftermath of the power-gap controversy.”

Sponsor‘ is a romantic romance between four men and women who go out to find a sponsor who will satisfy their desires, regardless of means and methods to get what they want. 

In the drama, Lee Ji Hoon takes on the role of Lee Seon Woo, a talented photographer who works for a famous American magazine. In the play, Seon Woo introduces that he will lead a dangerous and reckless development by getting terribly entangled with Han Chae Rin (Han Chae-young), CEO of a beauty company, who is captivated by different ambitions, Hyun Seung Hoon (Koo Ja Sung), an aspiring model, and Park Da Som (Ji Yi Soo), a rising star. done.

In the beginning, the story was introduced centered on Han Chae Young and Lee Ji Hoon, but recently, dramas centered on Han Chae Young and Koo Ja Sung.

Meanwhile, Writer A, who previously wrote ‘Sponsor‘, argued that it was because of Lee Ji Hoon that the production team including himself and the director were replaced. 

In this regard, the ‘Sponsor‘ side said, “The exchange of actors and staff has nothing to do with Lee Ji Hoon. Requesting corrections is a common discussion between production companies and directors and writers.

Afterward, Lee Ji Hoon ended the controversy by explaining on his Instagram, “There was a strange misunderstanding between the writer and Je. did‘.

Sponsor‘, which will premier on February 23 is IHQ’s first drama, and is scheduled to captivate small screens through IHQ and MBN at 11 pm every Wednesday and Thursday.


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