Kim Yong Ho Threatens Song Jia To Confess Her Father’s Real Job Says “Song Jia’s father is not a dentist”

Kim Yong Ho, who is active on YouTube‘s ‘Garosero Research Institute’, shot Freesia, who was criticized for wearing fake luxury goods.

Kim Yong Ho said on YouTube on January 23rd, “Song Jia’s father is not a dentist.”

He said, “The core of the real controversy surrounding Song Ji Ah is her father. It is known on the Internet that Song Jia’s father is a ‘dentist’ and that he lived a wealthy life, but this is not true.”

I know what Song Jia’s father is doing,” he said. He knows how Song Jia’s father raised his daughter. Song Jia herself must have known the rumors about her father’s job, but she never explained it. Silence can be a lie.

Kim Yong Ho explained, “I want to give Song Jia a chance. I want Song Jia to confess honestly. Song Jia may not know her father’s exact job.”

Nothing is clearly known about Song Jia‘s father’s occupation. Rumors circulated online that he was a dentist, but Song Jia never revealed herself.



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