Actress Kim Tae Ri, Showed Off Her Lovely Charm While Showing Off Her Extraordinary Beauty

Actress Kim Tae Ri, who turned 33 this year poses for It Misha.

On January 25, It Misha, a women’s fashion brand, announced that actress Kim Tae Ri had been selected as a new muse and released a fashion pictorial.

In the photo, Kim Tae Ri is wearing spring-inspired dresses, trench coats, jackets, and skirts with unrivaled charm.

Kim Tae Ri’s unique romantic and girly aura immediately catches the eyes of those who see it.

The photo of Kim Tae Ri with braided hair and a mischievous expression is reminiscent of the female protagonist in a pure cartoon.

Many people burst into admiration at the unrealistically beautiful Kim Tae Ri.

Kim Tae Ri, who caught fans with her radiant beauty, plans to return with the tvN romance drama ‘Twenty-five Twenty One‘ next month.

Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk will work together. She plans to delicately portray the female protagonist who is struggling between love and friendship.


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