The two chefs openly confronted each other on the air… “Staff was uncomfortable”

Chef Lee Won Il and YouTuber Seung Woo‘s father (Chef Mok Jin Hwa) had a war on disclosure.

Chef Lee Won Il and Seung Woo‘s father appeared in the recent recording of MBC Every1’s ‘Mamma Mian’.

At the recording site, the relationship between the two was revealed, drawing everyone’s attention. In the past, Chef Lee Won Il and Seung Woo‘s father worked together at the same restaurant. Seungwoo‘s father surprised everyone by saying, “(Chef Lee Won Il and Lee Won Il ) have the same teacher. We worked together under Chef Edward Kwon.

A battle between the two continued. Seung Woo’s father revealed an unexpected reason, saying, “The staff felt uncomfortable with Chef Lee Won Il.” Chef Lee Won Il also raised curiosity by disclosing Seungwoo‘s father’s past.

The chemistry between Chef Lee Won Il and Seungwoo’s father, whose special relationship was revealed, can be seen on ‘Mamma Mian‘ at 8:30 pm on January 25.


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