Seol Kyung Gu Praises Lee Jun Ho’s Acting Skills In ‘The Red Sleeve’ Says “I wondered why they didn’t give him the Grand Prize”

Actor Seol Kyung Gu showed his affection for his junior Lee Jun Ho.

Recently, Sports W reported that Seol Kyung Gu praised Lee Jun Ho’s acting skills in an interview.

In an interview, Seol Kyung Gu, who was asked about Lee Jun Ho, praised Lee Jun Ho, saying, “(at the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’), Why didn’t they give him the grand prize. The ratings were good and the acting was good.”

Seol Kyung Gu continued, “After leaving the military, he came back as a handsome man. I didn’t get a call on the day of his discharge, but I called after seeing the article. Even before COVID-19, the ‘Watchers’ team met once or twice to eat. ” revealing his friendship with Lee Jun Ho.

In 2013, Seol Kyung Gu and Lee Jun Ho worked together in the movie ‘Watchers‘. 

Seol Kyung Gu said, “I’m not in frequent contact with Lee Jun Ho, but it’s nice to see him. I don’t do anything for him, but he seems to be becoming a cool guy and a cool actor.

Lee Jun Ho appeared in the recently successfully ended MBC drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘ and transformed himself into Jeongjo, proving his outstanding acting skills.

He said that he puts a lot of thought and effort into acting while confronting the title of ‘Idol-turned-actor‘ head-on.

Senior Seol Kyung Gu seems to have wanted to praise Lee Jun Ho for his remarkable growth.

Meanwhile, at the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards‘, the grand prize went to Nam Goong Min, who gained great popularity with ‘The Veil’.

Lee Jun Ho the ‘Best Actor Award‘ and ‘Best Couple Award‘ at the awards ceremony.



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