Park Bo Young Who Turned ’33’ This Year Has No Blemishes

Actress Park Bo Young boasted her beauty while it was hard to believe that she was 33 years old.

On January 20th, Park Bo Young posted a picture on her Instagram without any comment.

In the photo, Park Bo Young is taking a selfie with her cat.

Despite her bare face, Park Bo Young attracted attention by boasting her baby skin without any blemishes. In particular, she was surprised by the size of her face, which looked similar to that of a cat.

Park Bo Young also posted a selfie taken with her cat last year.

Even at this time, Park Bo Young captured the hearts of men by boasting clear features and doll-like beauty despite her bare face.

Fans who saw Park Bo Young boasting a youthful visual comparable to a high school student poured out reactions such as “This Unnie is 33 years old this year” and “It seems I’m the only one eating”.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Young is about to release the movie ‘Concrete Utopia‘ (working title). ‘Concrete Utopia‘ is a disaster thriller that depicts the story that begins when survivors begin to gather in the only remaining ‘Imperial Palace Apartment’ in Seoul, which has been devastated by a great earthquake. 



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