Jung Hae In’s photo taken by Jisoo… Everyone is screaming as soon as they see it

A photo of actor Jung Hae In taken by Blackpink’s Jisoo is gaining attention.

On January 23, Jung Hae In posted a picture with the caption “Photo by @sooyaaa__” on his Instagram.

In the published photo, Jung Hae In is hanging out with the actors who appeared in JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Snowdrop‘.

In particular, Jung Hae In surprised fans by showing off his strong arms and forearm muscles to the extent that he could even be called a ‘health trainer’.

Since his debut, he has been on the list of celebrities who boast unchanging visuals through steady exercise and self-management.

Meanwhile, Jung Hae In and Jisoo are currently playing the roles of Im Soo Ho and Eun Young Ro in the JTBC Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Snowdrop‘, respectively.


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