Free Zia From “Single’s Inferno” Reveals Her Parents Wants Her To Join Miss Korea But Wasn’t Able To, Here’s The Reason Why

Free Zia showed off her outstanding appearance, revealing that she was suggested to apply to the Miss Korea and was known as “a goddess” during her college days.

In the broadcast of the 316th episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros” aired on January 22nd, Free Zia (real name Song Ji Ah), Kang Ye Won, and Lee Young Ji appeared as students transferred to Knowing Bros School.

On the broadcast, Kang Ho Dong asked Free Zia, “Just like how people would suggest a child who looks big to become a ssireum (Korean wrestling) athlete, you must have been suggested to become a celebrity by your family because you’re pretty. Ji Ah was no joke, she’s really amazing.”

Then, Free Zia said, “My mom and dad had told me about Miss Korea ever since I was young. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow tall enough. Mom told me to eat a lot so that I could apply to the Miss Korea. But I didn’t eat much. I should have eaten a lot like Hodong does”, expressing her regret.

When asked if she was famous as a goddess when she was in the Department of Dance at Hanyang University, Free Zia got embarrassed and she said, “Please don’t say it like that”. She then revealed, “Was it? No one told me that, but many friends asked for my phone numbers.”



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