Free Zia From “Single’s Inferno” Removed Photos After Controversy Of Her Wearing Fake Luxury Items

The photos uploaded to Instagram by Free Zia, who admitted wearing fake luxury products such as Chanel and Dior, and videos uploaded to YouTube are being deleted every day.

Before the ‘fake wearing’ controversy, Freesia posted a total of 1,151 posts on Instagram. After the controversy broke out, only 976 posts remained on Freesia’s Instagram, with 175 posts deleted.

Some of the videos uploaded to YouTube have been edited. The 10-minute video of Free Zia‘s unboxing of Montclair padding, Louis Vuitton dress, and Chanel pants posted last year was reduced to 5 minutes after the controversy, containing only the unboxing of Louis Vuitton dress and Montclair padding

Regarding the controversy about wearing fake luxury items, Free Zia‘s side said, “I am going to be honest about the current controversy about fake luxury goods.

I apologize once again for all the situation that have occurred because of the ignorance of copyright and infringement rights of the creations of the designers. As a person with a dream of launching a brand, I seriously recognize and reflect on the disputable parts. I will do it.” she continued.


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