“The Red Sleeve” Lee Se Young Shares A Part Of Deok Im Resembles Her About 95% In Real Life

Actress Lee Se Young gave compliments for Lee Jun-ho, her co-star in MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Red Sleeve”.

On January 21st, a video titled, “Lee Se Young talks about [The Red Sleeve] behind stories. What does Deok-im want to say to Jeongjo?”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel of fashion magazine Vogue Korea.

In the video, Lee Se Young revealed her recent status after “The Red Sleeve” ended successfully, saying, “I didn’t have time to play with my cat back then so I’m enjoying it now”. She then expressed her gratitude, saying, “Some people contact me after such a long time, and even when I went to the countryside for filmings, many elders recognized me and called me Deok-im. I get a new feeling that I’m being loved by people of different ages.”

In addition, when being called “Queen of historical drama Lee Se Young”, the actress suddenly became so nervous. She said, “I’m embarrassed”, drawing laughter.

Recalling the times when she was filming “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Se Young said, “It’s not a drama filmed in only 3 months but we worked together for almost 7 months and had many joint scenes. I think it would have been difficult for me if I was not comfortable or awkward with other actors. However, Junho oppa is very friendly and kind. He’s really professional when it comes to works. That’s why I relied on him a lot. I remember that whenever he visited my filming site, I ran to him happily and asked, ‘You even come here?’, and greeted him ‘Your Highness’. I was alone at the filming set, but when he came, I think it was because he could understand my feelings.”

In addition, Lee Se Young pointed out that the most interesting to her was “the scene in which we play a bet by throwing stones across the pond”.

When asked, “The bathtub scene of King Jeongjo and Deok-im made a hot issue. How was the atmosphere at that filming set that day?”, Lee Se Young said, “If I was Lee Jun-ho, I would have felt really embarrassed and laughed a little more than he did. It was cold and slightly wet when he had to take off his clothes. Then the atmosphere came when everyone was said to leave the scene. Looking San from a far distance, I thought, ‘It must be really difficult’.”

She also praised Lee Jun-ho, saying, “I thought it would be rude to keep looking at him like I usually did, so I watched San from far away. It was a little weird because I avoided my gaze like that. I think Junho oppa had done amazing.”

She added, “I was holding the water jar and stumbled in surprise when I saw his body. He pulled to hold me and we fell into the water together. However, the scene when he pulled me hard was not shown, so it looked like I jumped in the water. I was like “Oh my!” and felt a little embarrassed while watching the broadcast.”

When asked, “How similar are Deok-im in the drama and Lee Se Young in real life?” she said, “Her bright and pleasant youth, her wanting to live quiet and long, or her simple dreams of those days resemble mine about 95%.”

Also, when asked, “Is there anything you want to say to King Jeongjo, who is left alone, from the standpoint of Deok-im?” the actress said, “You have to continue with the latter. I’m doing well, so I hope you can bring in a new concubine and make another royal family, cherish the concubine well, and fulfill everything you wanted as a king.”



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