Shin Ji Yeon From “Single’s Inferno” Receives Invitation From A Chanel Event Says “Thank you for inviting me”

Shin Ji Yeon, who shook “Single’s Inferno” with her neat visual, received Chanel sponsorship.

On January 21st, Shin Ji Yeon posted a number of photos on her Instagram saying, “Thank you for inviting me.”

In the published photo, Shin Ji Yeon is attending a Chanel event and posing with a bag.

Shin Ji Yeon showed off her fair skin in an elegant dress that held the waist line. The slim body line reminded me of a Barbie doll. 

The color of the bag, which is close to baby pink, harmonized perfectly with Shin Ji Yeon‘s elegant atmosphere.

Even though Shin Ji Yeon covered more than half of her face with a mask, she showed off her tall nose and deep eyes, shaking the hearts of men.

To the luxurious yet refreshing appearance of Shin Ji Yeon, netizens showed various reactions, such as, “It’s a luxury sponsorship.. You’re now a celebrity.”

Meanwhile, Shin Ji Yeon appeared on Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno” and drew a dramatic love story with Moon Se Hoon, drawing public attention.

Recently, she opened a YouTube channel and started communicating with fans in earnest. 



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