Netizens Are Speculating “Single’s Inferno” Choi Si Hoon’s Latest Instagram Post Is Pointing To Free Zia

Choi Si Hoon of Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno” left a meaningful message on SNS.

On the 21st, Choi Si Hoon posted three photos on his Instagram.

In the published photos, Choi Si Hoon can be seen boasting a handsome visual in a wine bar.

Along with the photo, Choi Si Hoon left a meaningful caption, “I wish you happiness.”

Seeing this, Kang Han, a bobsleigh player, commented, “I hope hyung is happy.”

One netizen speculated, “Why does it sound like you’re talking to Song Ji Ah?” Another netizen agreed, “That’s why.”

Choi Si Hoon drew attention with his ‘going straight’ to Song Ji Ah in “Single’s Inferno“, but unfortunately did not become the final couple.

In an interview with Newsis, which was released on the 21st, Choi Si Hoon said, “I fell in love with Jia for a while.”

Single’s Inferno” PD Kim Jae Won and Kim Na Hyun said, “If there is an Olympic charm, Song Ji-ah will win.”

Choi Si Hoon said, “We talked little by little while cooking and lighting a fire, but the tremors were different. I wanted to,” he explained. 

When I looked at Song Ji aAh from the outside, I thought she was just a pretty and flashy person, but after talking to her, Choi Si Hoon said, “Doesn’t Jia call herself ‘cute and sexy’ to meet her. She’s really attractive. It made me fall in love.”



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