Kang So Yeon From “Single’s Inferno” Slays The Cover Of “Maxim” Exudes Fatal Sexy Beauty

Kang So Yeon, who gained a lot of popularity after appearing on a Netflix dating reality program, was selected as the cover model for ‘Maxim‘.

On the afternoon of January 21st, Kang So Yeon revealed herself on the cover of Maxim through Instagram.

Kang So Yeon on the cover showed off her healthy body by wearing a red dress that was short enough to barely cover her buttocks.

Her tall height of 172 cm and her slender body seem to be enough to catch the attention of many men.

Kang So Yeon also showed extraordinary confidence by emphasizing the phrase on the cover of Maxim, “From the moment the first part of “Single’s Inferno” came out, the Maxim cover model was decided.”

Many people showed great anticipation for the photos of Kang So Yeon, which showed a lot of sexy charm.

Meanwhile, Kang So Yeon became the final couple with Oh Jin Taek, whom she had a crush on in “Single’s Inferno”.



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