EXO Kai Shares To Have Calm Mood And Life, He Shares A Lot Of His Worries With His Older Sister For Advices

EXO Kai, who recently finished his second solo album decorated the February issue of the luxury brand ‘Esquire’

Kai, who released his second mini-album ‘Peaches‘ in November 2021, focused on talking about about happiness in his interview.

Kai said, “In the past, I thought that the greatest happiness of a singer was singing itself, but now I think that the greatest happiness of a singer is that there is ‘someone’ who sings it.There is joy in seeing people singing along and singing and dancing for them. I met fans during an online concert recently and my heart was filled.”

He continued, “The choices you made to make you happy can make you happy for a while, but you can suffer later because of those choices. In the end, I think happiness is something that keeps changing.”

He also said about how to maintain a calm attitude in life without falling into the pleasures of the moment, saying, “There is also an influence from my family. For example, they say something too simple, like “just live,” but sometimes that penetrates me.”

The February 2022 issue of ‘Esquire‘, featuring Kai’s pictorial, will be available for purchase at bookstores starting tomorrow January 22, 2021.


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