The Reason Why Cha Hyeon Seung Didn’t Choose Ahn Ye Won For “Single’s Inferno”

Ahn Ye Won and Cha Hyeon Seung, who appeared on the Netflix dating reality show “Single’s Inferno“, are drawing attention by leaving a ‘Honest Review‘ video. 

On January 17th, Ahn Ye Won‘s YouTube channel ‘Ahn Ye Won’ uploaded a review video of “Single’s Inferno” containing a Q&A. In the video, Ahn Ye Won attracts attention by inviting Cha Hyeon Seung as a special guest. 

In the video, Ahn Ye Won directly asked Cha Hyeon Seung, “Why didn’t you choose me on the road to Heaven?” 

Then Cha Hyeon Seung said, “We were talking at the restaurant back then, didn’t we? But other than that, we never talked. to be honest. So I felt that you were a very attractive friend, but I thought you might not be interested in me. Because all I saw was you with Junsik all the time… ‘” he answered frankly. 

Next, Cha Hyeon Seung was asked, “Why did you choose Song Ji Ah for going to Heaven?” He said, “I even talked with Jia on the yacht, but Jia was very seasick, so I couldn’t talk much. That’s why I chose Jia in a situation where I was like, ‘Let’s talk a little bit more’.” 

Also, when asked, “Who were the two people you liked?”, Cha Hyeon Seung said, “Jia was bigger, but the other one was you (Ahn Ye Won).” 

Ahn Ye Won, surprised by this, asked playfully, “You aren’t making that up are you?” Cha Hyeon Seung answered, “No. it really was you I even told the other guys, ‘Yewon is very charming,’ and I was thinking about it in my own way.”

Meanwhile, in the video released on the same day, Ahn Ye Won revealed that she is not currently dating Kim Jun Sik, who was matched as the final couple in “Single’s Inferno“.



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