Song Kang Showed Off His Flawless Cartoon-Like Visuals In Latest Pictorial With “Singles” Magazine

Actor Song Kang boasted a ‘cartoon tear’ visual.

Song Kang revealed a sculptural visual of flawless skin through a pictorial in the February issue of Fashion magazine Singles

In this pictorial, Song Kang caught the eye with his clean and modern styling and his warm and soft eyes that will melt the cold of midwinter. It is Song Kang who shows off his flawless handsomeness regardless of the angle with a ‘cartoon’ visual that stands out with baby-like skin and clear features. 

In addition, Song Kang captured the hearts of women by showing the appearance of a unique boyish beauty coexisting even while portraying a sophisticated man. 

Song Kang will appear in JTBC‘s new drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘, which will be broadcast for the first time on February 12.



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