EXO’s Chen Reportedly Become Father Of Two As His Wife Gave Birth To Their Second Child

EXO‘s Chen has become a father of two children. 

As a result of the coverage of Xports News on January 19th, Chen of EXO recently held his second child in his arms. 

Chen announced that he was getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend in January 2020. In April, three months after the announcement of their marriage, they had their first daughter in their arms, and in November of last year, they announced the news of their wife’s second pregnancy. 

Chen, who was expected to become a father of two children, recently enjoyed the joy of becoming a father again with his wife’s second child. In particular, Chen enlisted in the military in October 2020, six months after the birth of his first daughter. He holds the second child in his arms before the discharge and draws attention. 

Meanwhile, Chen, born in 1992, debuted as an EXO member in 2012 and was loved by many hits such as ‘Growl’, ‘Addiction’, and ‘Monster’. 


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