“The Red Sleeve” Actress Lee Se Young Hopes To Reunite With Lee Jun Ho Again In A Modern Drama

Actor Lee Se Young, who received a lot of love for playing Seong Deok Im in ‘The Red Sleeve’, praised Lee Jun Ho, who worked with him.

Recently, Lee Se Young listed the charms of Lee Jun Ho, through interviews with various media after the end of MBC‘s ‘The Red Sleeve‘. Lee Se-young said, “The reason why ‘Jun Ho’ is popular might be because of his sexy charm, but ‘Jeongjo Jun-ho’’s charm is doubled thanks to his added seriousness, sincerity, and effort” .

In addition, Lee Se Young said that while filming with Lee Jun Ho, she thought he was an attractive actor, and said, “We even went on the radio and promised to meet each other again in modern dramas if we have a chance later”

Last month, Lee Se Young and Lee Jun Ho appeared as special DJs on MBC FM4U‘s ‘Noon’s Hope Song, Kim Shin Young‘.

At the time, Lee Jun Ho revealed that he had talked with Lee Se Young to meet again in another project.

Lee Se Young also agreed with Lee Jun Ho and said, “I like the comedy. I like the roco. Let’s do one more work.”

In ‘The Red Sleeve‘, Lee Se Young and Lee Jun Ho showed an extraordinary chemistry by showing the affectionate lover who goes beyond their status.

As a result, the broadcast gathered a lot of attention in every episode, and the last episode recorded a viewer rating of 17.4%, proving that it has received a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young and Lee Jun Ho will appear on MBC’s ‘Radio Star‘ on the 26th to fulfill their promise of 15% viewership ratings for ‘The Red Sleeve‘.

On ‘Radio Star‘, Lee Jun Ho is expected to show 2PM‘s ‘My House’ dance wearing a dragon robe.



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