The Reason Why Free Zia From “Single’s Inferno” Bought ‘Fake’ Products, According To Industry Insiders

The reason why beauty YouTuber Free Zia, who admitted the controversy over wearing fake luxury goods, bought a ‘fake’ was revealed.

On January 18th, Sports Chosun reported on the reason why Free Zia wore fake luxury goods by borrowing the words of industry officials.

Industry insiders said, “As Free Zia’s popularity grows, the pressure to keep showing new content must have increased.”

They pointed out that in the case of high-end luxury brands such as Chanel, which Free Zia wears, it is difficult to sponsor products and it is difficult to purchase them on their own every time.

They said that because Free Zia had gained a lot of popularity with the concept of ‘Young and Cheerful,‘ she bought a ‘fake‘ to show a new look while maintaining the image.

Recently, the YouTube channel ‘Taldeok Prison Camp‘ claimed that some of the luxury products that Free Zia wore were ‘fake’.

‘Taldeok Prison Camp’ raised suspicions that some of the luxury clothes and accessories worn on Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno” are fake luxury goods.

In the meantime, as it became known that the products that Free Zia wore, such as Chanel and Dior, were not genuine luxury goods, netizens criticized it harshly.

As the controversy spread, Free Zia posted a handwritten apology on her Instagram. 

She admitted all suspicions about wearing fake luxury goods. 

In addition, Free Zia bowed her head and apologized to fans, subscribers, and brand officials who might have been hurt by her actions.

Meanwhile, Free Zia, a beauty YouTuber who gained great popularity with Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno“, currently has 1.9 million subscribers.



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