Free Zia’s Appearance In ‘Knowing Bros’ and ‘Omniscient Interfering View’ Will Continue To Be Broadcast As Scheduled

YouTuber Free Zia was caught up in a backlash while admitting to the controversy over fake products. However, ‘Knowing Bros‘ and ‘Omniscient Interfering View ‘ in which he appeared will be broadcast as scheduled.

On January 18th, JTBC‘s entertainment program ‘Knowing Bros‘ and MBC‘s ‘Omniscient Interfering View ‘ announced to OSEN, “We plan to broadcast the contents of Free Zia’s appearance as scheduled.”

Free Zia posted on her Instagram on January 17th, “There is currently a controversy over some of the clothes I wore on social media and ‘Single’s Inferno’. The counterfeit controversy you pointed out is partly true. I’m really sorry,” she apologized.

Free Zia said, “I once again apologize for all the circumstances that occurred due to the designers’ infringement of their creations and my ignorance of copyrights. As someone who has a dream of launching a brand, I will seriously recognize and reflect on the controversial part.”

She continued, “I will study more carefully so that this does not happen in the future. All content with exposed fakes has been deleted. I also apologize to the brand that has been hurt because of me. I sincerely apologize to everyone, including fans, subscribers, and brand officials, who have been hurt because of me, and I will live with more responsibility in the future.”

Free Zia has now deleted the video that introduced the fake product. While controversy is still being raised about Free Zia, who admitted her mistake and apologized, the aftermath has reached the broadcast program that she is scheduled to appear on.

Free Zia will appear on JTBC‘s ‘Knowing Bros’, which will be aired on January 22nd. A preview video was released with the concept of ‘Hell Alone‘, and Song Ji Ah appeared with actress Kang Ye Won and rapper Lee Young Ji to collaborate with the ‘Knowing Bros‘ members.

On January 29th, she will appear on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View ‘. Free Zia will appear again with Kang Ye Won. It may change because the broadcast date is still left, but MBC announced, “There is no change in the appearance.”

Meanwhile, Free Zia is a beauty YouTuber with 1.9 million subscribers. She appeared on Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno” and is gaining attention.



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