“Reply 1988” Actor Choi Seong Woon To Make Special Appearance In A New Drama After Recovering From Acute Leukemia

Actor Choi Seong Woon, who has recovered from acute leukemia and recovered his health, will make a special appearance in the new drama ‘Showtime Begins!‘.

Choi Seong Woon recently finished filming for the new drama ‘Showtime Begins!’ scheduled to air in March this year.

MBC’s new drama ‘Showtime Begins!’ is a ghost-coordinated comedy investigation between a charismatic magician and a passionate police officer with supernatural powers. It will be aired for the first time in March.

Park Hae Jin, Jin Ki Joo, Jung Jun Ho, and Jeong Seok Yong appear in this drama, and Choi Seong Woon takes on the role of a newlywed couple in the play, adding to the fun in the beginning.

Meanwhile, Choi Seong Woon has been focusing on treatment after an acute leukemia relapse in 2020. After recovering his health for about two years, he plans to focus on acting again this year.



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