Kim Hyun Joong From “Single’s Inferno” Reportedly Unfollows YouTuber Free Zia After ‘Luxury Counterfeit Controversy’

Single’s Inferno” cast Kim Hyun Joong unfollows YouTuber Free Zia.

On January 17th, an article titled ‘Kim Hyun Joong unfollowed Free Zia‘s Instagram’ was posted on the online community TheQoo.

In the article, Kim Hyun Joong unfollows only Free Zia among the cast of “Single’s Inferno“.

Netizens speculated, “Is it because of the counterfeit controversy?” and “Stop loss is quick.” On the other hand, there were opinions such as Free Zia has never followed Kim Hyun Joong in the first place, so he’s doing that alone” and “It’s possible that men and women can unfollow each other.”

Kim Hyun Joong appeared on Netflix’s original entertainment show “Single’s Inferno“, which was released on the 18th of last month, and became the final couple with Free Zia.

Meanwhile, Free Zia was caught up in suspicions by netizens on January 17th that some necklaces and luxury products she had worn were fake.  

In this regard, Free Zia acknowledged the controversy and apologized , she said, “I’m going to be honest about the current controversy about fake luxury goods. Some of the fake goods you pointed out are true. “

She said, “I once again apologize for all the circumstances that have occurred due to ignorance of copyright and infringe upon the creations of the designers. As a person with a dream of launching a brand, I will seriously recognize and reflect on the controversial parts. I will study more carefully so that this does not happen in the future. I have deleted all the contents”



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