‘The Red Sleeve’ Actress Lee Se Young “I will reveal the identity of the person who opened my anti-cafe”

While actress Lee Se Young received great love for her role as Seong Deok Im in the MBC drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘, the story of her being bullied at school in the past is being re-examined.

Lee Se Young appeared on MBC‘s ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star‘, which aired in the past, and confessed about the troubles she had with her friends.

Lee Se Young agreed as Park Ji Bin said, “Relationship with friends get affected because of small things,” and she shared, “I didn’t have much troubles when I was in high school, but I had many of those while in middle school. My best friend made an anti-cafe.”

Lee Se Young in recovering their friendship, said “We recovered somehow, but she doesn’t really like me. I think friends don’t like me growing famous,” making a deep sigh.

MC Kyu Hyun said that he understands her, and said, “Did the teacher always say, ‘Even Se Young finished her homework’ in front of the whole class? It’s really embarrassing.”

Lee Se young concluded that she hopes that the teacher will be more cautious, and said, “I intentionally eat a lot and make ridiculous jokes to maintain our friendship”

Netizens who saw this commented, “Lee Se Young is doing well now, so that friend seems to have a stomach ache”, “I heard there was a story like that in school days”, “Why the hell are you bullying her?”, “I’m glad that she seems to have grown up brightly though”, “Lee Se Young was really pretty when she was active as a child actress,” etc.

Lee Se Young is a former child actress. She recently received a lot of love from her for playing the role of Seong Deok Im Im in MBC‘s ‘The Red Sleeve‘.



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