Free Zia From “Single’s Inferno” Admits ‘Luxury Counterfeit Controversy’ With A Handwritten Apology

Free Zia, a YouTuber who became famous for appearing on Netflix‘s ‘Single’s Inferno‘, acknowledged and apologized for the controversy over fake luxury goods. She said that she also deleted all content that was filmed wearing fakes.

On January 17th, Free Zia posted a handwritten apology for the counterfeit controversy through her Instagram. She said, “I’m going to be honest about the current controversy about fake luxury goods. Some of the fake goods you pointed out are true. “

She said, “I once again apologize for all the circumstances that have occurred due to ignorance of copyright and infringe upon the creations of the designers.” 

Free Zia said, “As a person with a dream of launching a brand, I will seriously recognize and reflect on the controversial parts. I will study more carefully so that this does not happen in the future. I have deleted all the contents with exposed fakes. I also apologize to the brand that was hurt because of me.” 

She added, “I sincerely apologize to everyone, including fans, subscribers, and brand officials, who have been hurt, and I will live more responsibly in the future.” 

Free Zia has recently been embroiled in a controversy over counterfeit luxury goods. Netizens closely compared the clothes that Free Zia was wearing with the actual product photos. In the process, suspicions were raised that the necklaces, T-shirts, and dresses that Free Zia wore were fakes, not real luxury goods. Free Zia has previously revealed her dream of launching a brand, so the controversy over counterfeiting has grown even bigger. 



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