‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ Unveils New Stills of Park Min Young As An Office Worker

JTBC ’s upcoming weekend drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ has dropped a new set of stills featuring Park Min Young. In the released pictures, Park Min Young transformed into an office worker at the Korea Meteorological Administration. Set to premiere on February 12th, the drama follows the work romance drama depicting the love and work of the Korea Meteorological Administration people, hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than local heavy rains.

Park Min Young takes on the role of ‘Jin Ha Kyung’, a forecaster for the 2nd team of the Korea Meteorological Administration. Ha Kyung is a person who is smart in everything, working when it comes to work, self-management when it comes to self-management. The distinction between public and private is clear, and it is clear that even interpersonal relationships are established and cut off.

Park Min Young introduced her character. “Jin Ha Kyung started working at a young age and in an environment she likes. However, Jin Ha Kyung is a bit tough and domineering. So she is a loner. However, Jin Ha Kyung will change eventually after going through many things.”

She also shared her feelings about the drama, Park Min Young said, “I think ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ is not just a simple love story but a drama that captures everyone’s story. As it’s my first work in a long time, I’m really excited.”

The production team also said, Park Min Young‘s exact dictation and the smooth acting melted into the character of Jin Ha-kyung. The difficult lines of professional jobs were also digested naturally and comfortably. In the drama, it seems that the weather will be delivered more accurately and interestingly in how the weather forecast is predicted. Please look forward to another life character of Park Min Young, who entered the office mode with charisma and skill,”

Forecasting Love and Weather” is expected to create a work that can be trusted by director Cha Young Hoon of “When Camellia Blooms Bloom” and writer Kang Eun Kyung of “The World of Couples” and “Misty.

It will premiere on JTBC at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 12.



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