Actor Kim Seong Cheol Is Energetic And Playful In The Behind-The-Scenes Photos For “Our Beloved Summer”

Actor Kim Seong Cheol, who is appearing in ‘Our Beloved Summer‘, stimulated women’s hearts with a reversal that is 180 degrees different from his appearance in the series.

On January 12th, StoryJ Company released an on-site photo of Kim Seong Cheol , who is in the midst of filming SBS’ “Our Beloved Summer”

In the released photo, Kim Seong Cheol , dressed in a school uniform, gave off a naughty charm that held a fan like a gun and aimed at somewhere.

Kim Seong Cheol has a cute expression on his face as if he was drunk, taking pictures of Polaroid and arousing fans’ desire for possession.

In particular, his expression, with his eyes closed and doing ‘V’, drew attention because it was reminiscent of a cute emoticon.

In addition, while sending intense eyes towards the camera, he posed a humorous pose, exuding a bizarre charm.

He, who looks like an ordinary high school student, created a fresh atmosphere with his appearance while he was unbelievable that he was 32 years old this year.

Kim Seong Cheol plays the role of Kim Ji Woong, a documentary producer who has a crush on Kim Da Mi in ‘Our Beloved Summer‘, causing a ‘sub-illness‘.

Appearing in a rather blunt and reticent role in the drama, when he shows a playful appearance in daily life, netizens are showing reactions such as “He’s a rebellious guy” and “He was a comedian with confidence“.

On the other hand, Kim Seong Cheol, along with Kim Go Eun, Park So Dam, and Ahn Eun Jin, has been a topic of discussion as one of the ‘Legendary Class of ’10’.



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