GOT7’s Jackson Spotted “Kissing” Another Man At His Close Friend’s Wedding

Netizens are surprise in a viral post of GOT7’s Jackson at his close friend’s wedding.

Besides their appearance at events of the entertainment industry, KPop celebrities also receive great attention whenever they become bridesmaids and groomsmen at weddings of their friends and relatives.  Many weddings of commoners have become trending topics on SNS thanks to the presence of famous artists. 

On January 15, popular Weibo blogger “Bunny Rabbit” unexpectedly posted a video of Jackson Wang attending the wedding of his best friend.

This wedding was held in 2019, but this video of Jackson only goes viral now. Notably, when Jackson joined the challenge of passing objects by using lips with the other groomsmen, it looks like he was giving them a kiss on the lips.

On social networks, fans commented: “Oh my god what is this”, “Jackson really did that”, “This game is so lit”, ” Has anyone noticed that the second groomsman is still a bit shy, but Jackson doesn’t seem to mind at all”,…..

Photos from Jackson Wang’s close friend’s wedding have also been widely circulated on social media. The male singer earned several compliments on his dashing, handsome appearance.

Netizens believe that when the GOT7 member marries, his charming image would undoubtedly generate uproar.



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