Actress Honey Lee Reportedly 5 Months Pregnant With Her First Child

Actress Honey Lee is becoming a mother!

As a result of the Sports Tend coverage on January 16th, Honey Lee has entered the fifth month of her pregnancy. She is due to give birth in late May or early June if she goes as planned.

Honey Lee held her wedding vows in some place in Seoul on December 21st last year with her non-celebrity husband and her family only attended.

She started a serious relationship with her husband, whom she met through an acquaintance earlier this year, and after about a year of dating, she succeeded in “marrying” and enjoying the joy of becoming a mother with marriage. Now that she is in the stable stage of pregnancy, she is concentrating on prenatal education and health care.

Honey Lee received favorable reviews for her recent SBS drama ‘One the Woman‘. She also won the Best Acting Award at the ‘2021 SBS Acting Awards‘ held on December 31 last year. At that time, he also expressed her love to her husband by saying, “Something good happened recently, and I want to share the joy with the other half who has been with her for the rest of her life.”


On January 16, Honey Lee‘s agency, Saram Entertainment, reported that Honey Lee is pregnant with her first child and is in stable condition. It was initially reported that she was 5 months pregnant, but as a result of inquiries from the agency, it was confirmed that she was 4 months pregnant.

A source from the agency told Newsen, “A precious new life has come to actress Honey Lee . She is currently in her fourth month of pregnancy and is due to give birth in June. Please give warm congratulations and blessings to the child who will be born.”

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