“Tracer” Ratings Soar To New All-Time High Expected To Continue “The Red Sleeve”s Success

MBC‘s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Tracer‘, starring Im Si Wan and Go Ah Seong, continued its high ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, on January 15th, the third episode of “Tracer” recorded 8.6% of ratings based on paid households nationwide.

This is a 2.6% increase from the last two episodes and its own highest ratings. In particular, the highest viewer rating per minute soared to 11.4%, drawing attention.

Also, it ranked first among the Friday-Saturday dramas, realizing its popularity.

Netizens commented on the online community ‘TheQoo‘ that, “It’s so much fun, it seems like it will rise”, “The MBC drama is going well”, “It’s really fun”, “The script is dense and fun”, “It’s so fun. The story feels solid”, “As the episode progresses, It’s fun” and so on.

Tracer‘ is an exhilarating action drama that takes place in the background of the five taxation countries called ‘garbage drop off point‘. The drama was a follow-up to ‘The Red Sleeve‘, which ended with a lot of attention, and attracted great attention even before it aired.

In the case of ‘The Red Sleeve‘, the third episode recorded 7.0% and the last episode recorded 17.4%. Attention is focused on whether ‘Tracer‘ can surpass the success of its previous work ‘The Red Sleeve‘.

Tracer‘ airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM.



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