Lee Do Hyun Admits Reflecting On His Immature Days When He Couldn’t Proudly Introduce His Younger Brother

Actor Lee Do Hyun reflected on his immature days by referring to his younger brother who has a developmental disability.

KBS2‘s ‘Year-round Live’, which aired on January 14th, revealed the contents of an interview with Lee Do Hyun, which was conducted as a special feature of ‘Stars to look forward to in 2022’.

Lee Do Hyun appeared in KBS2‘s ‘Youth of May’, which ended last year, and made viewers cry with his heart-breaking performance.

As a result of his outstanding performance, Lee Do Hyun won the Top Excellence Award and the Best Couple Award at the ‘2021 KBS Drama Awards‘.

Lee Do Hyun brought up the story of his brother, which he mentioned at the awards ceremony, drawing attention. At that time, he said, “My younger brother is a sick friend, so I think I should take my first thoughts and do my best in acting. Thank you, my brother. I love you.”

Lee also said, “When I think of my brother, I get emotional. I am an old man anymore, but when I was young, I was so immature that I could not proudly say that he was my younger brother.”

However, Lee has changed. He expressed his overflowing affection for his younger brother, saying that he liked the word “my younger brother“.

Lee Do Hyun also confessed his family history in an interview with Esquire in 2019.

He said, “Welfare is good in Korea, so [my brother] is working at a supermarket, but people still implicitly see him and make fun of him as a disabled person.”

He continued, “It’s been a long time since my mother also worked as a newspaper delivery worker, so I hope that it will be a year in which mom, dad, and younger brother can all take a break from work and can all eat and live with the money I earn. So that I will feel at ease when I go to the military.”



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