Taemin’s Military Colleagues Defend Him After He Gets Accused Of Receiving Preferential Treatment In The Military

SHINee‘s Taemin was transferred to a supplementary role due to worsening depression and panic disorder. Among them, those who claim to be Taemin‘s military motives testified how difficult his military life has been.

On the 14th, SM Entertainment, Taemin‘s agency, made an official statement saying, “Taemin has been transferred to the military band of the Ministry of National Defense Service Support Team as a supplementary role as of January 14, 2022.”

Some netizens who came across this expressed their uncomfortable feelings, saying that it was ‘celebrity preferential treatment’.

In response, a netizen Person A who shared the same lifestyle as Taemin testified, saying, “Taemin hyung brought a lot of drugs for depression to the training camp, and I remember that he took them every evening.”

Person A added, “Even when it was difficult, he showed a bright side of himself saying that he was in front of the younger brothers and played well with us.”

Another netizen, Person B, said, “Taemin is the person who went through the examination with hyung. We lived together for about two weeks, but because of depression and panic symptoms, he had a hard time receiving medication every day, and he often woke up every night. There were times when he keep on taking it.”

Person B informed that Taemin continued to smile and give advice to the people in the dormitory who were being judged with him even in such a difficult situation. Person B said that he was a good older brother who took care of others even though he was sick.

Person B said, “The last time we part ways, he was a good hyung who cheered me on to be strong. I was worried that if I left, there would be malicious comments and I was very anxious. I would be grateful if you don’t say too much.”

Person C said, “I enlisted in the same company at the Nonsan Training Center on the same day as Taemin’s brother on May 31, and was assigned to the same military band of the Ministry of National Defense. He introduced himself as a sick person” .

Person C, who was also diagnosed with panic disorder and depression , shared, “It’s not something I’m proud of, but I made it difficult to leave a comment because I wanted to let you know that [Taemin] is not a celebrity at all.”

Nevertheless, Taemin was a warm person who took care of his younger brothers and said good things to them, and he was a warm person , Person C said.

Another netizen, B, said, “Taemin is the person who has been judged with my brother,” adding, “When we lived together for about two weeks, he was having a hard time getting off drugs every day due to depression and panic symptoms, and he woke up frequently every night. There were times when you were taking additional medication at night.”

Finally, Person C asked netizens, “Please don’t talk recklessly while wearing sunglasses.”



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