Netizens Are Swooning Over Past Photos Of Song Kang, They Even Created Him A Nickname

An interesting nickname was created among netizens for actor Song Kang.

In an online community on January 13th, the past photos released by Song Kang were re-examined.

In January last year, Song Kang used his Instagram story to post a photo on his father’s forearm as a newborn. In the photo, Song Kang‘s father is taking off his top, and his muscles are tight, drawing attention.

Song Kang has revealed that he has a constitution that can ‘bulk up‘ with just a little bit of exercise. There is also a famous anecdote that his agency asked him to refrain from exercising. Nevertheless, Song Kang likes to exercise, so there are a lot of pictures taken at the gym. Song Kang‘s popular factor is his neat visual and muscular body in reverse.

On this day, as his photo spread in the online community, there was a content that drew attention again. Users agreed that Song Kang was a ‘geek spoon‘.

Because of his father’s and grandfather’s pre-retirement jobs. It is known that Song Kang‘s father was a former gymnast and his grandfather was a former wrestler.

In the online community, reactions such as “I can’t beat the gene”, “I asked who Song Kang’s shoulder looked like, and it was his father”, “I envy him”, “They said he had his mother’s face”, etc.

Song Kang will be active in JTBC‘s new Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘, which will be aired in February.



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