Actor Kang Hoon Admits To Feeling Pressured By His Role As “Joseon’s Most Handsome Man” In “The Red Sleeve”

Actor Kang Hoon revealed that he lost weight and practiced smiling in order to digest the role of Hong Deok Ro in the ‘The Red Sleeve‘.

Actor Kang Hoon appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM‘s ‘Park Ha Sun’s Cinetown‘, which aired on January 13th.

On this day, Kang Hoon shared a story about how he felt afraid when he saw the introduction of the character Hong Deok Ro in ‘The Red Sleeve‘.

Kang Hoon confessed that he felt a sense of pressure as the role of Hong Deok Ro in ‘The Red Sleeve‘ as Joseon’s most handsome man. Kang Hoon humbly said, “I’m not a person who is confident with my face,” and added, “In my head, I keep on repeating ‘I am handsome’,” causing laughter.

DJ Park Ha Sun joked about Kang Hoon‘s humility, saying, “It’s nonsense.”

Next, Kang Hoon made the listeners happy by saying, “I lost about 6-7 kg of weight in order to digest the role.”

At the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards‘ held in December of last year, Kang Hoon won the Best Newcomer Award for his role as Hong Deok Ro in ‘The Red Sleeve‘. At that time, ‘The Red Sleeve‘ won the Drama of the Year Award, and the lead actors Lee Se Young and Lee Junho won the Best Acting Award, proving their popularity.



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